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We've put everything you need into every Yummy-Yogurt, making it fun and easy to stop in, grab a delicious cup of frozen yogurt, toss on some toppings, and then relax and enjoy your snack in a clean and distinctive environment.

Because as much as we like meeting all of our first time visitors, our goal is to have you feel good about coming back to see us, again and again!

At Yummy-Yogurt, we take pride in being different. We know that when it comes to deciding upon where to go for a healthy and delicious snack, you're looking for a place that is out of the ordinary.

We've spent a lot of time comparing the frozen dessert options and outlets available today. We looked closely at what people liked about each, and made sure that we combined the things we saw most people really wanted.

Things like a clean, comfortable environment. Friendly, helpful staff. And of course, the most delicious array of healthy frozen yogurt treats, plus a huge array of toppings, all to assure each patron can create a snack or dessert that perfectly suits their taste.


Being different means never settling for "good enough". Which is why we are always striving to improve. We're constantly trying out new frozen yogurt flavors, or offering new toppings, or ways to make our frozen yogurt even healthier. It's our way of making every visit to Yogurtville one you feel 100% good about.

Most importantly, we're always looking for input from YOU — the loyal Yogurtville customer.

So tell us what you think — we're listening, and really do want to know what you think on how we can make Yogurtville even better!